Boarders at Faith Haven Stables will have
the peace of mind that comes with knowing   
  your horse is being cared for by dedicated
professionals. Faith Haven offers complete

care for your horse or pony.  

Stalls are approximately 12x12 with sliding

doors.  All stalls have full mats and an

access door for feeding hay and grain. Each

stall has a blanket rack, a halter rack, and a

tack hook for hanging blankets to dry.

There are three sets of cross ties available for grooming and tacking up, as well as places to
tie in each stall.  

The attached arena is 80 x 175 and features a sand footing that is maintained regularly.  The
arena is viewable from the heated lounge and also has bleacher seating available.  In the
winter the arena is heated - no more riding in that freezing Erie weather!


Large doors on either
  end of the arena can
  be opened during the
  summer months allowing
  for a comfortable breeze
  to help keep you cool.
  The arena also features
  a speaker system.



Tack lockers are
available for each
Boarder.  Tack lockers
feature two saddle racks,
able to accommodate both
English and Western
saddles, and two bridle
hooks.  Each locker is
able to be secured with a
lock provided by the


Faith Haven Stables also has heated lounge where

parents can watch lessons or riders can clean their
tack.  The lounge has a couch, microwave and a
television available.  

Turn-out  at Faith Haven Stables is divided between five main pastures and three smaller paddocks
available for individual or limited turnout.  Horses enjoy daily turnout  except in inclement or extreme

Each pasture also has a large run-in shelter lined with 

stone. These shelters provide a wind break as well as protection from unexpected weather conditions. The fencing is 2" electric tape by Safe Fence and is well maintained.  This type of fencing keeps horses off the fence line and breaks easily eliminating fence injuries. Turn-out groups are carefully selected to provide the best situation for each horse.  Individual turn-out paddocks are also available as needed.   

The horses love the relaxed atmosphere as well!

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Faith Haven Stables
Greg and Liz Sambor
11570 Station Road
North East, PA  

C: (814) 392-6959  H:(814) 725-4936

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