Lessons and Training

What can you expect from your lessons at Faith Haven Stables?

The lesson program at Faith Haven Stables will be tailored to your needs as a rider, whether you are just
starting out, need help feeling more confident with your horse, or are looking to advance your level of
riding, Faith Haven Stables can help you to achieve your goal.  

Our program is comprehensive.  Not only will you learn how to ride, but you will learn how to safely handle
horses on the ground, how to groom and tack up independently, and other horse-care related skills.  Our
goal is to create horsemen, not just riders.  

Faith Haven Stables teaches lessons in the Classical Style.  This means that you will develop a balanced
seat no matter what discipline you ride.  Lessons are started on the lunge line so that you can work on
developing balance and harmony while riding.  An emphasis is placed on being able to use your natural
aids correctly and efficiently.  

Lessons are available in a variety of disciplines.  Many of our students enjoy trails and games.  Whether
you are looking to learn how to safely ride at the walk, trot, and canter on the trails or your goal is the
show ring, Faith Haven Stables can get you there.  


You can expect to have fun, build confidence and to experience all the joy that goes along with working 
with horses. 


About Our Training Program

Faith Haven Stables offers training for your horse or pony, from starting young horses, re-training horses, or helping them move up to the next level of competition.  Our training regimen is comprehensive and consistent.  


We believe that for a horse to be quiet and well-mannered under saddle, it must first be quiet and
well-mannered on the ground.  Using natural horsemanship techniques, we will work to make your horse a better partner for you.  Our emphasis is on safety for both the horse and rider.

Horses in full training are worked 5-6 times per week, training sessions can also be arranged as needed to suit your schedule.  Horses will be lunged, ridden and taken on trail rides to promote a happy and safe horse for you!

Horses in training  can be taken to schooling shows or recognized shows and on trail rides at Eaton Reservoir, a beautiful place to trail ride.


Let Faith Haven Stables help you to achieve you goals!

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Faith Haven Stables
Greg and Liz Sambor
11570 Station Road
North East, PA  

(814) 725-4936
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