Learn to Ride at Faith Haven Stables

The lesson program at Faith Haven Stables is suitable for riders of all ages and levels. Whether you are just starting out, need help feeling more confident, or are looking to advance your level of riding, your experience will be tailored to your needs as a rider.

Comprehensive Program

In addition to riding, we teach safe handling of horses on the ground, grooming and tacking up, and other horse-care skills. At Faith Haven, we promote horsemanship, not just riding.

Choice of Discipline

Beginning riders are taught to ride in a western saddle, but lessons are available in a variety of disciplines. Our students go on to enjoy trails and games, as well as the English disciplines of dressage, eventing, equitation, and hunter/jumper.

Classical Style

Faith Haven Stables teaches lessons in the Classical Style, which allows riders to develop a balanced seat in any discipline. Lessons are started on the lunge line to work on developing balance and harmony. We emphasize the correct use of natural aids.

Whether you are looking to learn how to safely ride at the walk, trot, and canter on the trails, or your goal is the show ring, Faith Haven Stables can get you there.